High Quality Standards

Kablo konnektör montajı

Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly Cable assemblies are done in various configurations and according to customer demands. Belit Elektronik takes maximum advantage of...


Soldering Soldering is one of the primary technique used in many connectors. Workmanship quality directly effects the connection quality. ...
kablo işleme ve krimpleme

Fully automatic cable processing and crimping

Fully automatic cable processing and crimping Belit Elektronik is able to reliably perform terminal fastening of cables with its computer-controlled and fully automatic Komax...
Kablo İşleme

Cable processing

Cable processing Belit Elektronik has state-of-the-art programmable equipment for cable cutting and end opening. With the use of  Komax Kappa210,...
Flat kablo montajı ve IDC

Flat cable assembly & IDC

Flat cable assembly & IDC Belit Elektronik provides high quality and reliable flat cable assembly and IDC assembly. IDC is the method of...
Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

Wire Harness

Wire Harness Belit Elektronik makes wire harnesses in various configurations, density and according to demands. 100% control of cable assemblies...
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