Wire Harness

Belit Elektronik makes wire harnesses in various configurations, density and according to demands.

100% control of cable assemblies are done with various test equipments as a result preventing future damages and loss of time.

In line with customer demands, Belit Elektronik can use one or more of materials together that hold cables such as cable ties, tubing, heat shrink tubing, cloth tape together.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Extensive experience and talent related to the industry
  • Maximum efficiency, precision and reliability
  • Maximum quality
  • High volume and low cost production with fully automatic machines
  • Ability to produce complex cable forms of the desired length in a variety of cable cross-sections, from a few cables to hundreds of cables, at good quality and at low cost.
  • Ability to produce twisted cables in the desired number of turns using the right equipment
  • Low cost labelling.
  • Increase production efficiency for final assembly process and packaging according to place of use.
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