High Quality Materials and Workmanship

Enerji ve akü kabloları

Energy and battery cables

Energy and battery cables Belit Electronic is able to make energy, battery cables and battery management system (BMS) cables up to 150 mm2 cross sections in line with the needs of the...
Signal and data cables

Signal and data cables

Signal and data cables In line with the needs of the relevant sectors, Belit Electronic has the ability to produce cables in a wide variety from a single cable to cables with...
Otomotiv ve araç takip cihazı kabloları

Automotive and vehicle tracking device cables

Automotive and vehicle tracking device cables Belit Elektronic produces quality products and solutions at many important points within the complex structure of the automotive electronics industry. Automotive lighting cables, vehicle tracking devices cables(telemetry devices)...
Led and Lighting Cables

Led and Lighting Cables

Led and Lighting Cables Belit Electronic produces quality cables that accompany the long working life of the LED products used in the sector and the beautiful designs of the luminaires. The machines...
Asansör buton ve kumanda kabloları

Elevator Button and Control Cables

Elevator Button and Control Cables Belit Electronic manufactures; Cable assemblies used in elevators, an area where the construction and electronics sectors intersect. Elevator button connection cables, sensor cables, automatic door cables and connection...

UPS Cables

UPS Cables Belit Electronic manufactures the cable assemblies, wire harnesses and battery cables needs of the UPS industry, which it has been closely following for many years. Belit Electronic produces...
Topraklama kabloları

Grounding Cables

Grounding Cables For the needs of companies producing in the field of electromechanical production, we are able to produce from single grounding cable to a set of several cables with...
D-sub kablo montajı

D-Sub Cable Assemblies

D-Sub Cable Assemblies This type of connector takes its name from the characteristic D shape, it is widely used for data transfer. The quality and plating of the contacts used in...
Flat Kablolar

Flat Cable Assemblies

Flat Cable Assemblies We manufacture flat cable assemblies 1.27mm pitch in UL2651 standard and IDC connectors of a high quality. Thanks to the design of the connector, a flat cable assembly...
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