UPS Cables

Belit Electronic manufactures the cable assemblies, wire harnesses and battery cables needs of the UPS industry, which it has been closely following for many years.

Belit Electronic produces reliable products by combining the knowledge and skills it has gained from its extensive experience in the sector with the best equipment and the best materials. UPS devices are expected to operate reliable when needed, the cables in it should also be ready for this situation. In that sense Belit Electronic knows that it must always keep the connection quality at the highest level. From a terminal crimped to a 0,22mm2 cross-section cable to a cable lug crimped to a 150mm2 cross-section cable, Belit Electronic guarantees a reliable connection with the right equipment and talent.

12V 7-9Ah batteries which are frequently use UPS, we manufacture connection cables/cable sets. We use H07V-K type Untel or Leoni brand cables, Escubedo brand tin plated 6.3mm faston terminals in UL310 standard. For the insulation of the terminals, we can use heat shrink tube or insulators in UL310 standard made of PA66 V-2, PA6 V-2 material.

In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference, we can bundle the cables together in the desired number of steps. The process of twisting the cables also ensures that the long distance cables stay together without splitting out.

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