Energy and battery cables

Belit Electronic is able to make energy, battery cables and battery management system (BMS) cables up to 150 mm2 cross sections in line with the needs of the power electronics sector.

Cable lugs are crimped with pneumatic and hydraulic presses. The hydraulic unit produces 130kN discharge power with 700 bar pressure.

Cables, cable lugs and terminals of a certain level are used in energy and battery cables that may be exposed to heavy working conditions.

The connection equipment used  takes into account criteria such as contact surface smoothness, coating quality in the fasteners used. Only approved materials are used.

Belit Elektronik produces battery management system cables for companies that serve in the field of electromobility and energy technologies, which are among the developing sectors. FLRY type automotive cables and special connectors according to the usage area and working conditions are used.

Enerji ve akü kabloları -Energy and battery cables
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