D-Sub Cable Assemblies

This type of connector takes its name from the characteristic D shape, it is widely used for data transfer.

The quality and plating of the contacts used in D-sub connectors allows them to withstand a large number of insertions (approximately 50 mating cycles). Another of its physical properties is that the insulation material is at UL94 V-0.

Solder type D-sub connectors are the most commonly used. The quality of workmanship is very important in the cable connection of the D-sub connector. The use of appropriate equipment and approved solder wire also affects solder connection quality and reliability.

We can assemble D-sub connectors using flat cable and IDC connection method.
Soldering points can be insulated with heat shrink tubing and d-sub hoods can be used according to the customer demands.

All our cables with D-sub connectors 100% electrically tested.

D-sub kablo montajı
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