Cable processing

Belit Elektronik has state-of-the-art programmable equipment for cable cutting and end opening. With the use of  Komax Kappa210, Schleuniger ES9320 and Schleuniger Unistrip 2300 machines, it becomes possible to perform precise and fast cable cutting and end opening operations. These Swiss-made machines guarantee high quality cable processing at minimum set-up time.

By using technologically advantageous machines Belit Elektronik is able to increase its process alternatives; single core cables, multi-conductor screened cables and sleeves.

Belit Elektronik is also able to process cables with a high precision in cross sections between 0.05mm2-10mm2 (30AWG-8AWG).

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Saves time in labor compared to manual processing.
  • In comparision to manual processing it reduces your equipment, space and inventory costs.
  • High sensitivity and process repeatability.
  • Eliminates possible human error.
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