Cable Assembly

Cable assemblies are done in various configurations and according to customer demands. Belit Elektronik takes maximum advantage of high speed and precision cable cutting and terminal opening machines and keeps process repeatability and product quality at the highest level.

The monitoring and improvement of Belit Elektronik production processes goes on continuously.
Belit Elektronik is a reliable company that produces quality products and makes timely deliveries. All cable, connector, terminal and lug connections are made using the right equipment and materials according to the technique. 100% quality control of cable assemblies can be done with various test equipments. Customers can be assured that Belit Electronic will always deliver the best quality cable assemblies to them.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Extensive experience and talent related to the industry
  • Maximum efficiency, precision and reliability
  • Maximum quality
  • High volume and low cost production with fully automatic machines
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